Walter Disney Testimony

Walter Disney

I had always wanted a Fender ‘Tele’, but being the ambitious craftsman that I am, I wanted to build it myself. I cut out and routed out the body based on template that was reliable. I gathered all the additional necessary parts… and I got stuck. My good friend(Bill Latas) recommended I take the project to Scott Pike.” He’s the real deal!” As fate would have it I had no other reasonable option.  I took the mahogany body in with the warmoth neck, the custom wound pick-ups and all the accoutrements to Scott. Scott was empathetic to my situation and answered all my questions thoroughly and with an understanding they gave me confidence.  As we worked through all the details of the project Scott was exceptional keeping me posted on the progress, the concerns(factory neck), and the project needs to bring the ‘THE TANK” to fruition.  Scott was impeccably detailed and extremely conscientious. I appreciated his attention to every detail. His exemplary craftsmanship identified significant shortfalls in the fretting on the neck. He corrected the manufacturers flaws, resulting in a superbly performing guitar. He produced a beautiful ‘telecaster’ for me. It was exactly what I wanted, and his services were responsibly priced. I love playing my ”Tank 7”.  Although I am a dilettante guitarist I have shared ‘the Tank ‘ with in numerous accomplished guitarists. All of them have left with” axe envy”. They all want to know who built it. I can’t recommend Scott highly enough.