Tommy Shaw Testimony

Tommy Shaw

Here’s my 1961 Les Paul Custom (my mistake calling it a 1963!)
Scott Pike brought it back to me after a TLC restoration on the frets, neck binding and bridge rest. Also a good cleaning of the pots and overall inspection, and finally cleaning up some bad touch ups on the back of the neck, which someone did sometime in its 51 year existence. I had nursed it along since owning it for the last decade, playing it in its existing condition with hardly there frets and intermittent electronics. It has a great soul and sounded good the limited times I used it, but was so much work to play I never switched settings while playing it live. Yesterday I put it through its paces with every combination of pickups and tone control. What a little beast it is now, intonation restored all,the way up the neck and nice beefy frets to dig into for all the bending I like to do. Very unique sounding guitar whose tones have been restored and ready to be set free. Thank you Scottie! And Jimmy Johnson too for putting it in Scott’s hands and for snapping this photo just as I’m rediscovering this beauty. It now takes its place among my working guitars. Get ready for some belt buckle rash!