Brendan Moreland Testimony

Brendan Moreland

 When I was 14 my grandpa Clifford died.  My grandma Myrtle gave me his old electric guitar. At the time I was 14 and had no idea what a “Danflectro” was (it was very dinged up and the headstock lettering wasn’t entirely in tact).  I was into Kramers and Flying Vs and had zero appreciation for old gear.  A couple of years later I let this guitar go in a trade for some PA equipment (one of those really stupid things young men are prone to do).  In my twenties I realized what a mistake I had made and longed for an opportunity to go back in time and not be so stupid.

     Through some karmic turn, this guitar turned back up in my life recently.  At nearly 40 I realized how lucky I was to get a second chance with this guitar (thanks to Stephen Hodgden).  The problem with the guitar was that it was beat to crap and virtually unplayable.  It had a broken headstock, stripped tuners, a non adjustable neck (no truss rod!), a non adjustable bridge, worthless frets, 1 non working potentiometer, missing pickup foam risers, a crack running down the neck, a standard factory aluminum nut, etc.

     In comes my friend Scott Pike asking if we want to make it playable?  I didn’t want a restoration of what was originally an okay guitar at best.  He went to work on it.  He took some time and Scott has a photo documentary of the process.  This guitar is now the most fun guitar to play in our studio.  It rarely goes in the case.  Everyone picks it up and freaks out on what a comfortable and loud guitar they’re holding.

     Scott Pike, The Guitar Shop and P&S Custom Guitars are wizards.  Thanks so much Scott