Bill Latas Testimony

Bill Latas

I had started a couple of projects on my own and had gotten in over my head. My Tele build was finally taking shape and it was time to dress and level the frets. It turns out you can really mess up stuff if you use the wrong radius block! I got it as close as I could but had really chewed through the frets to save them and the guitar was a real effort to play.

I handed Scott the neck and he not only got new frets in there but he also helped the fretboard radius. The quality control on replacement necks being what it is, the guitar was never going to play well.

Scott’s attention to detail turned this build into a real player. His craftsmanship and precision are top-notch and you can really see the pride he takes in his work.

After the Tele resurrection, it was time for a re-fret on my 80-something SG. Once again, Scott chose the perfect fret wire and it plays like new.

I recommend Scott to anyone needing any repair or custom work done. His builds are a shining example of his abilities.